Signs You Are Losing Your Man

Signs You Are Losing Your Man

I had been dating Broderick* for about 4 months when I noticed him starting to pull away. He had introduced me to his friends, taken me out on the town, and spent some quality moments with me. I thought things were definitely headed in the right direction… Until I told him I wanted kids.

Broderick didn’t say anything at the time, but I knew that’s when he started to pull away. Sometimes it’s not so clear. Sometimes he seems so sweet, but then at other moments he’s distant, out with other girls, probably fucking them. Maybe not. But maybe. Probably. You don’t know. But you should know. But you don’t. You have no piece of mind, you start to lose your mind. And that only makes things worse.

What are the signs you are losing your man? Here they are. Read them and weep.

Sign #1: He’s giving you the slow fade-away

And I’m not talking about a hair cut. He used to text you everyday, but now he hardly texts you at all. And the phone calls stopped weeks ago, or never happened at all. When you do get together he wants to eat pot brownies and fuck you and then leave you and then ask you if you want more pot brownies which you don’t cuz you’re not a fucking pot head like he is. This is could be one of the signs you are losing your man.

Sign #2: After sex, he gets very, very distant.

When a man is in love, he will want to pull you close after sex, when a man is not in love, he pulls away. Some men even get disgusted with a girl after they sleep with her. The interest they were showing in you that you mistook for a connection, was really just them wanting some tail. And after they got it, they’re ready to move on. This is one of the signs you are losing your man. It can be very hurtful, because within an instant, you go from intimacy to utter distance. But just know, it’s not your fault. The right guy will never want to be distant after sex.

Sign #3: He’s started hanging out with other people at work.

This one girl in particular is pretty hot, and you’re pretty sure he’s attracted to her, but he denies it. He even says she’s a dog. But then you guys were supposed to watch Parks and Recreation together, but he didn’t come home until after 10. So you called his work, but no one was there. You go out looking for him in a random parking lot and find him getting a blowjob from his co-worker. This is a sure sign that you are losing your man.

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*Broderick is his real name